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Burning Clouds
the clouds amongst me
strike with their confused light
their loved ones burned out.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
12:54 P.M.
Tonight was rough.
My heart has been through too much.
I thought it was time to give up.
Throughout the night it seemed as if something was calling me.
The whispers of the leaves were quite loud.
I sat on my front porch.
I felt somebody calling my name.
It was an overcast, starless night
yet i felt the stars glaring down at me.
I got to thinking.
All of these trees are loosing their leaves and dying,
yet they can still stand tall and proud.
I felt the kind autumn breeze kiss my cheek.
The leaves swirled and tumbled around.
Something is calling me.
I walk into my driveway, my feet touching the cool, solid concrete.
I looked up to the moon's dispersed light throughout the clouds.
I asked out loud; "What did you call me here for?"
The leaves began to converse.
I could hear them talking amongst one another.
I felt the breeze pick up my blanket and throw it into the breeze.
The silent wind became louder.
I don't know why i was called out here, but i know i needed to heart something.
I felt
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
Pillars in the Tide
The felicitate tide has come in,
soaking the cracked pillars of my soul;
Healing the wounds and giving off
a warm aura.
Two great forces have conflicted.
One is fuel by false, angering words.
The other is swirling in great depths of confusion
Sinking deeper and deeper
into conglomerations of pain and ignorance.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 3
The sunbeams broke through.
They kissed me with love and warmth.
The ground door opens.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
"Cloud Walker"; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
I am a rubber band
On society's pinboard.
Every expectation.
Is another stretch;
another pull;
another tug;
on my well-being
and persona.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
Aching Melodies
Soothe my worn, broken heartstrings
To a loving tune.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
To My Parents:
I came to you in my time of need
And you offered to get me help.
It still hasn’t happened.
I know you’re not supposedly taking me somewhere to get help
Because you care about the way I feel.
You’re only doing it
To keep from having to kneel.
I’ve never felt comfortable coming to you with my problems
And I probably never will.
I truly don’t feel loved
And I probably never will
But it’s hard to function right
Without ever feeling fulfilled.
You tell me that I have nothing to do with your fighting
And you’re fighting doesn’t change the way you feel about me.
This is a lie.
I hear you talk about me with bitter words behind closed doors.
I know you don’t care about how I feel.
Mom says my happiness is what’s most important, but it’s not.
What’s important is who’s right and who’s wrong.
I’m simply a chess piece
In a game that’s too dangerous to play.
Everybody in this world has problems
No matter
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 3 4
I close my eyes.
I awaken in a quiet and cool place.
I look upwards, only to be staring into an infinite void painted with stars,
dancing and swirling amongst the cosmos.
I look down to see the world beneath my feet.
I'm standing on the swirling euphoria we call the northern lights.
I glance upwards and feel the warm and life-giving light of the sun.
I hear the crackling and silent hum
Of the solace's everliving glow.
I begin to slowly descend.
I begin to smell the cool, crisp pine of an Alaskan springtime.
I'm gracefully lowered onto an Axel Catwalk
above the Alaskan wilderness.
I feel the moonbeams showering onto me as I climb the staircase of a moonbeam ray.
Ever so slowly, I ascend.
I feel the plague the real world calls "stress" slowly melt away.
The moonbeam slowly begins to melt away, though I keep climbing higher up into the stratosphere.
I arrive in a place as beautiful and mysterious as the cosmos themselves.
I look down from my fluffy abode, only to see its name:
Cloud 9.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 0 0
Monster by Soleospace Monster :iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
sleep was the ambiguous being that haunted me. it seemed to bend time and erase memories of those who fell into it's dark pits. the ones whom reluctantly soared out of it's embrace were unknowingly causing abuse to spread rigorously throughout their dreams. those who unwillingly navigate its unpredictable waves are said to be wise, they are given wisdom through apathetically slipping into reverie. these people are brought night visions who crawl out from the brim of one's imagination. these peculiar visions are sometimes ominous, while the positive messages haunt those who live in voloptitude.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 1 0
Hello Seattle by Soleospace Hello Seattle :iconsoleospace:Soleospace 9 3
Water and the Earth.
The spirits that rule us all.
Malevolence kills.
:iconsoleospace:Soleospace 2 2
Take a Bow by Soleospace Take a Bow :iconsoleospace:Soleospace 8 3 Dental Care by Soleospace Dental Care :iconsoleospace:Soleospace 9 0 Butterfly Wings by Soleospace Butterfly Wings :iconsoleospace:Soleospace 9 0


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social anxiety.
i'm sorry,
but we can't talk.
not now, not ever.
because i may say
something i'll
regret later.
because i may make
you feel very
because i may just
stop breathing for
the rest of the day.
because i may upset
you and you'll run
away forever.
i hope you understand
i'm only doing this
for your own good.
it's not really for me.
i can just feel it.
and it's not good.
my throat tenses up.
my head throbs around.
my fingertips stop feeling.
i'll stop wishing i were
here and start wishing
i were in the ground.
six and a half feet under
would be much better
than speaking out loud.
silence escapes my lips
as you walk away and regret
even trying again.
:iconnightlylies:NightlyLies 361 161
When you're
so unwanted
that even
your thoughts
to exit
your company.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 261 88


Wow, I was a considered a social outcast for almost the entire time I was in school. It's just an awful feeling knowing that other peop...



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i haven't used this account in 2 years

i'd delete it but it has some shit on here i remember so



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